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As you probably already know, one of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to get out of the city and explore, enjoy and breathe in the nature. This weekend we decided to visit one of the many bogs here in Estonia – the weather was just perfect, so we took my niece, my family’s dog and a bunch of friends and drove 70 km away from Tallinn just to take “a little walk”. A Saturday well spent, for sure! 


Wearing: backpack – Eastpak / knit – H&M

You need a little bit of insanity to do great things

So here’s what I did this weekend. We went to a wedding on Saturday and as it took place in Southern Estonia, we decided to spend the next two days exploring the south. One of my favourite things to do is just to drive around and discover new places – luckily, my boyfriend is just as curious as I am, so we go on these road trips quite often. So this time we started from the south, spent the night in the east, and explored the hell outta both of these parts of Estonia. It was actually the first time I really took time off and rested this summer (yes, walking 10 000 steps a day does count as resting), so it was definitely one of my favourite weekends so far. Also, waking up next to a lake on a Monday morning and being far, far away from your computer is the best thing you can do to yourself!

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Wearing: hat – Vila / watch – Daniel Wellington / dress, sneakers, cardigan – H&M


One of the many things that I love about Tallinn is that it’s surrounded by nature. So whenever you want to take a quick break from the city life, you can do it just by driving your car for 10 minutes and you’ll end up somewhere in the nature. That’s exactly what I did yesterday – we went for a walk, picked some fresh flowers, and enjoyed the hell outta this summer air that is thick with the lovely scent of flowers. A Wednesday well spent!

Flowerpower1 Flowerpower2

Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today

Selle aasta esimene loosimine on lõppenud ja kuulutan trummipõrina saatel välja selle õnneliku, kes saab oma meigikotti täiendada Max Factori toredate toodetega – Liina T.! Palju õnne! Liina, võtan sinuga meiliteel ühendust.

Möödunud nädal osutus märksa kiiremaks kui eeldasin ning nädalavahetusel väisasin üht eriti toredat üritust – Your Design Works veebidisaini workshopi. Silmasin seda mõni aeg tagasi Facebookis ning teadsin kohe, et see on miski, millest tuleks ilmtingimata osa võtta. Tegemist on siis sellise ettevõtmisega, kus eriala asjatundjad (ja ühtlasi kadestamisväärselt edukad inimesed) õpetavad, kuidas 48 tunniga üks veebileht algusest lõpuni valmis teha.  See workshop ei eelda eelnevate kogemuste või teadmiste olemasolu ja tegelikult ei pea sul olema isegi ühtki veebilehe tegemise ideed, aga kui veebidisain võiks sulle vähegi huvi pakkuda ning tunned, et see teadmine võib ühel hetkel kasuks tulla, siis tasub sellest üritusest kindlasti osa võtta. Ja kuigi mul ei õnnestunud seal päris algusest lõpuni olla, siis tunnistan, et iga minut oli seda nädalavahetusel varasel kellaajal ärkamist väärt. Tulemuseks on see, et olen ideedest ja inspiratsioonist tulvil ning üdini motiveeritud. Korraldustiim lubas, et selliseid workshope tuleb veel ja veel, nii et soovitan silma peal hoida nii nende Facebookil kui ka veebilehel.

This weekend I decided to participate in the Your Design Works web design workshop. I don’t know a lot about web design and when I saw this event on Facebook I instantly knew what I was going to do this weekend. So basically it’s a workshop where they teach you to design a website in 48 hours – you don’t need to have any previous experience in that area, because they cover everything from A to Z. I wasn’t able to be there the whole time, but I definitely learned A LOT and am now full of both inspiration and motivation, plus the event itself turned out to be a lot of fun! The entire workshop is in English, so if you’re a foreigner living in Tallinn and interested in web design, I truly recommend you to keep an eye on their Facebook page and website.


Photos: Your Design Works


Bridge over troubled water

Here’s a photo diary from yesterday when me and my friends went stand up paddling. Adrenaline rush combined with fun and that certain peacefulness that you feel when being in or on the water – a perfect way to spend a warm Sunday evening!