Mina tegin Living Proofi imeliste toodetega esimest korda tutvust paar aastat tagasi, mil selle brändi tooted Eestis esmakordselt müügile jõudsid ning sellega seonduvat esitlusüritust külastasin. Olin neist varemgi kuulnud, sest, noh, kui Jennifer Aniston, kelle juukseid vist kogu maailm kadestab, üht juuksehooldusbrändi esindama JA omama otsustab hakata, siis on uudishimu enam kui suur. Proovisin järele ning armusin brändi šampoonidesse-palsamitesse silmapilkselt. Ausõna, need TÕESTI on täpselt nii head kui räägitakse. Viimase paari aasta jooksul on Living Proofi tooted mu vannitoast ikka aeg-ajalt läbi käinud ja eeskätt on sinna pidama jäänud just sellesse Full sarja kuuluvad tooted. Nimelt on kohev soeng number 1 asi, mida oma juuste puhul taga ajan ning need on vähemalt minu puhul esimesed šampoonid-palsamid, mis kohevust tõesti ka tekitavad. Lisaks on neil ja eriti sellel juukselakil see imehea juuksurisalongidele omane lõhn, nii et pärast soengu viimistlemist on mul raskusi vannitoast lahkumisega. Muide, mu hiljuti avastatud toodetest on selline imehea lõhn ka Kérastase Elixir Ultime juukseõlil, soovitan proovida! Igatahes, kellel rahakott vähegi lubab, siis investeerige julgelt Living Proofi toodetesse, sest need on tõesti seda väärt. Ikkagi ju JenAn-approved. Eestis on need saadaval Salon+ salongides ja veebipoes salon24.eu.

    The first time I tried Living Proof‘s products was a few years ago when I attended their launch event here in Estonia. I had heard about the brand before, because, well, when the ultimate hair queen Jennifer Aniston decides to start representing AND co-owning a hair care brand, one simply just can’t ignore it. I instantly fell in love with their shampoos and conditioners and can assure you that they really are as good as they say. I have mainly used the Full collection, which I really love, because these are the first shampoos and conditioners that actually DO make my hair look fuller. Plus they have that certain awesome hair salon smell, especially the hairspray, so I find it difficult to leave the bathroom after I’m done with doing my hair (by the way, I recently discovered that Kérastase Elixir Ultime hair oil has that as well, so try it out!). So yeah, try them, try them ALL! After all, these products are JenAn-approved, so there really shouldn’t be any questions left.




    Viimased kaks nädalat on hirmsasti veninud, sest olen võidelnud tüütu külmetushaigusega, mis ikka ja jälle tagasi naases ning lõpuks hoopis gripi kuju otsustas võtta. Kuigi ma praegugi veel täielikult terve ei ole, suudan nüüd vähemalt muule kui köhale-nohule mõelda ja nii jõudsin ka oma blogi juurde tagasi.
    Hiljuti kostitas veebipood topbeauty.ee mind toredate ilutoodetega tuntud kosmeetikabrändi the Balm valikust. Minu meigikotti jõudsid kuulsad Manizeri-õed, uus kulmupuuder, peitekreem, üks pintslike ning silmalaugudele mõeldud meigialuskreem. Kuigi Mary-Lou Manizerit olen varasemalt kasutanud ja selle headuses seega juba ammu veendunud, pole seda mu igapäevases kosmeetikakotis mingil põhjusel pikalt kohata saanud. Kui sa veel ei tea, mis tootega täpselt tegu on, siis Anna Elisabeth on selle kohta korduvalt kiidusõnu jaganud, nii et tema blogist leiab ohtralt infot. Mina aga teen nüüd meeleldi tutvust ka Mary õdede Cindy ja Bettyga. Lisaks sain juba sõbraks brändi kulmupuudriga, mis mind meeldivalt üllatas ning igapäevasesse kasutusse jõudis. Ja üleüldiselt võib öelda, et the Balmi lõbusad pakendid sobivad kevade alguses kosmeetikakotti uusi tuuli puhuma küll.

    The past two weeks have gone by extremely slowly, because I’ve been dealing with this super annoying combination of flu and cold. Even though I’m not 100% healthy yet (still coughing like a maniac), I can finally THINK and do stuff again, including blogging.
    A few weeks ago I got an awesome package full of the Balm products from topbeauty.ee. I’ve used the infamous Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter before and have therefore always known how great it is, but for some reason haven’t used it for a really long time. I’m happy to add it to my makeup bag again and get to know its sisters Cindy and Betty as well – I’ve heard many good things about them, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be a perfect fresh addition to my spring/summer makeup bag. I’ve also fallen in love with the brow powder, which I now use together with my brow pencil. The thing is that the Balm’s products tend to always be very good and the packages are just so cute that it’s impossible to NOT love them.



    H&M’s new beauty line is amazing! We were invited to the showroom on Friday and got to try some of these products. So far I can say that the lip stain/lip vinyls and eye pencils and shadows are all cray-mazing. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to try everything, but I’m pretty sure that most of these products are very good, so here’s hoping that they’ll be launched soon! I’ve been using H&M’s beauty products for years and I must admit that they have never looked as good as they do now, with the new design and all.

    And then there’s the H&M Studio A/W15 collection. I love, love, love the colours, the faux-fur and the embellishments! My new favourite jacket (which you can see on the photos below) is also from this collection and I’m more than sure that it will be one of the key items in my fall wardrobe.

    H&M Studio will hit the stores on September 10th.

    Beauty Beauty1 Beauty2 Beauty3 Beauty4 Beauty5 Beauty6 Beauty7 Beauty8 Beauty9 Beauty10 Beauty11 Beauty12 Beauty13 Beauty14

    Wearing: jacket, top – H&M Studio / hat – Vila / boots – ASOS / shorts – H&M

    Photos: me and Johanna Eenma


    Faves (1)

    Beauty products are an important part of every girl’s world and make a girl’s life equally much easier and much harder (especially because the bottles tend to get empty at the same time and you have to spend a whole lot of money to buy new ones). When it comes to beauty, “expensive” doesn’t always mean “better”, but you should never settle with super cheap products either, unless they’re 100% organic.

    When it comes to my face and the base products, I usually prefer the organic stuff. Not everything in my make-up bag is organic, but all the oils and creams that I use have to be. The reason? After discovering how friggin good the effect is, I just can’t go back to using regular products. I use natural coconut oil on my face on a daily basis and that’s the very reason why I don’t have to use a primer anymore. Since I started doing that, my skin has gotten so much better and I don’t have to deal with these annoying blemishes as much. So I have traded all the creams for this coconut oil and I don’t even feel the need to use any other products, because it moisturizes my skin just perfectly. Of course, you have to make sure that your face won’t end up looking too oily, but that’s why you have to let the oil sink in and use an handkerchief to remove that extra oil.

    I do my peeling routine once a week. I use two products for that – one is the AHA peel mask from Madara and the second one is an oil from the same brand. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts on the web praising these two and yes, these products are as good as they say they are. I have been using them for many months now and I’m definitely not willing to trade them for anything else!

    Faves (2)

    I have been blessed with a good natural hair colour, but the problems that I have with my hair.. my oh my! My hair is naturally very thin which means that I have to use at least a thousand products to make it look good. It’s never an option for me to leave the house straight after taking a shower, because I have to fix and style my hair first.

    I use a crimping iron to lift the roots and two different hairsprays to make it stay put. I use Joico’s K-Pak hairspray in order to protect my hair from the heat. I’m a huge fan of Joico’s products in general and when it comes to heat protection, this hairspray is definitely one of the best. I’m also a big fan of L’Oreal’s classic hairspray called Elnett – it’s simply the best and does exactly what you want it to do!

    Faves (3)

    Another important product in my beauty list is Joico’s Body Luxe elixir which is originally meant for volumizing, but I use it to straighten my bangs. No, I don’t use an hair straightener for that, because first of all, I don’t want to destroy my hair by using too many hot styling tools on it, and second of all, this product is simply amazing! Just take a little bit of the product and put it in your hair, then comb through the hair and let it stay like this for 5-10 minutes. After that, the product has sunk in and your bangs are perfectly straight. Another good thing about the product is that once it has dried, you won’t even feel that you have put anything in your hair – it doesn’t make it greasy, oily or anything like that. Yes, you can thank me later!

    Faves (4)

    One thing is certain – Redken is an amazing brand! I love their Smooth Down Heat Glide which I use when I blow dry my hair. Now, this is something that I don’t do on a daily basis, because I usually let my hair dry naturally. But when I decide to blow dry it, this product helps the hair become super silky and smooth. You should definitely try it!

    So these are some of my all-time favourite beauty products. I have used some of them for years and can’t see myself ever trading them for anything else. Let me know if you have any beauty products that you can always rely on and that you love just as much! :)


    I had a very girly and pink lunch the other day as I attended a beauty brunch held by Essence Cosmetics. I got a fresh manicure, scored some new and interesting products, and photographed the hell outta these pink balloons. Could a girl ask for a better lunch hour?!

    PS! I now have a new favourite lipstick – try out their longlasting lipsticks!

    Essence1 Essence2 Essence3 Essence4 Essence5 Essence6 Essence7

    Wearing: everything from H&M