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Day 3 of Tallinn Fashion Week – even more Balmain x H&M! I kept the outfit a bit more casual than on the first day, but wasn’t ready to ditch the high heels just yet. And I really love this vest – it has such a cool shape and there are so many ways to wear it (for example, you can create a completely new shape if you add a belt to this vest). And again, these leather pants are to die for!

Balmain part2 1 Balmain part2 2 Balmain part2 3 Balmain part2 4

Wearing: vest, t-shirt, bracelet, pants – Balmain x H&M / hat – Vila / shoes – H&M

Photos: Leila Emine Lundsten


The first day of Tallinn Fashion Week is now behind us and here’s what I wore to the event. There are no words to describe how much I love that jacket and you won’t believe how comfortable these pants are! And TFW itself is as lovely as ever – I’ll show you my favourite collections/pieces later on. Now, let’s get ready for day 3!

HMBalmainTFW1 HMBalmainTFW2

Wearing: pants, shirt, jacket – Balmain x H&M / shoes – H&M

Photos: Leila Emine Lundsten


Getting ready for Tallinn Fashion Week with these very special fashion gems! Stay tuned for more..
Balmain_1 Balmain3 Balmain4 Balmain5Balmain2


H&M’s new beauty line is amazing! We were invited to the showroom on Friday and got to try some of these products. So far I can say that the lip stain/lip vinyls and eye pencils and shadows are all cray-mazing. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to try everything, but I’m pretty sure that most of these products are very good, so here’s hoping that they’ll be launched soon! I’ve been using H&M’s beauty products for years and I must admit that they have never looked as good as they do now, with the new design and all.

And then there’s the H&M Studio A/W15 collection. I love, love, love the colours, the faux-fur and the embellishments! My new favourite jacket (which you can see on the photos below) is also from this collection and I’m more than sure that it will be one of the key items in my fall wardrobe.

H&M Studio will hit the stores on September 10th.

Beauty Beauty1 Beauty2 Beauty3 Beauty4 Beauty5 Beauty6 Beauty7 Beauty8 Beauty9 Beauty10 Beauty11 Beauty12 Beauty13 Beauty14

Wearing: jacket, top – H&M Studio / hat – Vila / boots – ASOS / shorts – H&M

Photos: me and Johanna Eenma


There’s a lot of things that make me really, really happy. There’s the first truly warm day of summer when you’re finally able to leave the house without having to put a jacket on. A Sunday in bed with rain pouring outside and your only worry being how to finish that last slice of pizza. The satisfying feeling when you’ve just finished reading a really good book. The comforting sound of a cat purring and everything related to furry little kittens. That moment when you realise you’ve just taken one helluva good Instagram photo. And then there’s the Balmain x H&M collaboration. And not just that – when you hear that the collection will be launched on your very own birthday, you can’t possibly be more happy.

I mean, look at the damn thing! I am already obsessed with the jacket Kendall is wearing and I quite frankly can’t wait to see the entire collection. I can’t predict the future or say where I’ll be in a month from now, but one thing is certain – you WILL see me camping outside the store on my birthday morning, because I’d never be able to forgive myself if I missed the launch of this collaboration.

Balmain x H&M