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I’m a sucker for vintage and retro style photos and love to use all kinds of vintage effects on my own photos as well. So here’s a little mood board with some inspirational retro style photos that I’ve found on the web lately, and some nice music to accompany these images (J Dilla feat. Kenny Wray – The Shining Pt. 1).

Retrospective1 Retrospective2 Retrospective3 Retrospective4 Retrospective5 Retrospective6 Retrospective7Retrospective8Retrospective9 Retrospective10 Retrospective11 Retrospective12 Retrospective13 Retrospective14 Retrospective15 Retrospective16 Retrospective17

Photos via tumblr


A photo diary of the past three nights.

Summernights1 Summernights2 Summernights3 Summernights4 Summernights5 Summernights6 Summernights7

Events: Kultuuritolm / Põks / Yo!Hoov x Sämpler



It’s time for another playlist. Here are the songs that I’ve been listening to lately.

1. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek feat. Erykah Badu – The Blast (Remix)
A blast from the past. Such a perfect song for a Sunday.

2. Reket – Hommik
Yeah, about those perfect Sundays..

3. Beyonce – Formation
This one probably doesn’t need any explanation. You have seen THE video, right?!
I slay heeey, I slay okaay, we slay, all day

4. Rihanna – Love On The Brain
These vocals tho.. The entire album is crazy good!

5. Jaylib – The Red
Because #dillamonth

6. Lion Babe – Begin (album)
Although I’ve been listening to most of these songs for a couple of years now, the ever-so-amazing duo called Lion Babe just released their first solo album, which contains all the wonderfulness I’ve been admiring for so long. The Erykah Badu-like voice combined with that crazy ‘fro and some good old soulful beats – what’s not to love about Lion Babe?!

7. Kanye West feat. Chris Brown – Waves
The song isn’t available anywhere else but Tidal, so check it out HERE. Even though I didn’t like Kanye’s new album as much as I’ve liked some of his previous ones (The College Dropout will always stay in my all-time top 5), there were still a couple of good songs that made it to my everyday playlist.
And just to remind you how good the College Dropout-era Kanye was:



A little bit of 90s mixed with a little bit of rnb, electro and hiphop. I’ve had most of these songs (and artists) on replay for a few months now, Anderson .Paak for example is one of my favourite discoveries from last year. And, well, Big L and Large Professor are just pure classic and never get old. Check them out:


Good music, fresh orange juice, and tumblr.. Perfection! Taking it super slow before next week’s Tallinn Fashion Week madness – the week is definitely going to be hectic, but I can’t wait for it to begin!