Stand up, brush off.. ride on


It’s been quite difficult to get back into work mode – I’ve slept in every morning and there’s sooo much that has to be done within these two weeks, before I go on my last vacation. And after that it will already be autumn – can you believe it?! These first two months of summer have gone by so quickly! Luckily there’s still so much to look forward to in August and autumn is, after all, my favourite season. Although I think I’m really not supposed to be talking about autumn in July, haha. Sorry. Anyway, here’s a photo from yesterday. It seems that I’m really into animated characters lately – a serious percentage of my clothes have a Mickey or some other Disney/Looney Tunes character on them. Got this shirt from H&M, of course.

And that’s all, folks!


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One Thought on “Stand up, brush off.. ride on

  1. Kahjuks kardan, et mina näeks selle särgiga eriti totter välja aga Sina see-eest oled super kihvt! Ja ratas on ilus aksessuaar (;

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