Sweetest thing

Coca Cola This Coca-Cola tee is definitely my favourite T-shirt. Of all times. I ordered it back in June – it was on my to-buy list for quite some time, but when I noticed that it was on sale I didn’t even think twice. Tee & Cake (available on Topshop.com) is the brand behind this t-shirt – they offer a nice selection of retro/novelty tees, so you should definitely keep an eye on them! There’s never enough t-shirts, right?!


2 Thoughts on “Sweetest thing

  1. See on tõesti super kihvt! Mõnusa vintage vibe’ga (:

  2. Britta on August 6, 2014 at 11:23 said:

    Onju! :) Sellel brändil on praegu veebis suhteliselt kesine valik, aga tasub igaljuhul silma peal hoida.

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