Baby daylight’s wasting

Oh how glad I am that spring has finally arrived! It has given me so much energy that I am ‘happy-go-lucky’-ing around like I just had 100 shots of espresso. I have also been adding a lot of color to my wardrobe lately (yet somehow ended up wearing all-black-everything today), so I am definitely ready for the new season. Spring it on!

By the way – the knit and the rings are from H&M’s new Spring Collection which is now in stores! Lots of other amazing items as well, believe you me.

Wearing: necklace – S’NOB / everything else – H&M (yes, even the nail polish)



  • liis

    Su juuksed on nii ilusat värvi! Kas see on su loomulik värv või sa värvid? Kui sa värvid, siis kas tohib küsida, kuidas sa seda saavutad? See on nii hele, aga samas sul pole seda kollakat blondeeritud tooni ega ka seda tuhkblondi halli tooni, vaid just selline vahepealne ilus värv :)

  • Britta

    Ma tänan! :) See on mu loomulik juuksevärv – ma ei ole neid kunagi värvinud, tooninud ega teinud midagi muud säärast.

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