I stumbled upon a wonderful photo series that captures the rough areas of New York and is taken by a French street photographer Axel Morin. These photographs, carrying the true essence and emotions of NYC and its boroughs, were shot over the summer of 2015 and show the city through my favourite kind of light. I’ve always been fascinated with the street culture, the ghettos, and basically everything related to the life on the real streets of New York, so I fell madly in love with these photos. Check them out and find out more about them HERE.

    Axel1 Axel2 Axel3AxelMorin4 Axel5 Axel6 Axel7 Axel8AxelMorin9 Axel10 Axel11 Axel12

    Photos: Axel Morin


    Found these super cool images from my photo archives. Taken many years ago in Miami and NYC, in 2009 to be precise. Ahhh, can’t wait to visit these wonderful cities again!

    Bright lights1 Bright lights2 Bright lights3 Bright lights4

  • New York, N E W Y O R K!

    I am once again desperately missing New York. I’ve visited it once, in 2009, and I was there with my boyfriend for 10 days. Even before going there, I always knew it was my favorite city in the whole wide world and visiting it only made the city more special to me. I’m planning on going there again in September and I’ve slowly started saving up some money to make my plan come true. I came across these photos my boyfriend took there in 2009 (some of you may have already seen some of these photos on my Facebook) and thought I’d post them here as well.

    New York City has always been and will always be my place to be. I truly miss and think about it EVERY single day. Because it’s New York. How could you POSSIBLY not love it?

    Photos taken by Marek Metslaid

    New York City – then, now, forever.

    “Cut off as I am, it is inevitable that I should sometimes feel like a shadow walking in a shadowy world. When this happens I ask to be taken to New York City. Always I return home weary but I have the comforting certainty that mankind is real flesh and I myself am not a dream”. Helen Keller

  • Coming home again

    Täna meeliülendava peavaluga kodus olles mõtlesin, et võiks oma blogi kuidagi uuendada. Kuna väljas on veel liiga külm uute outfiti-postituste tegemiseks (suurem osa minu garderoobist on sügis- ja kevadriided, talvine riietus on ikka enamasti suhteliselt sarnane, sisaldades endas mantlit ja kõikvõimalikke kampsuneid, mida selle alla on võimalik layerdada), siis otsustasin piirduda selle ülespildistamisega, mis leidub minu kodus. Alustuseks siis hulgaliselt rändom pilte:

    As the weather is still too cold to put on anything else than a hundred layers of clothing and a coat, I’m still not able to wear any of the interesting pieces from my wardrobe which, of course, means that I STILL can’t write the “what I was wearing today”-type of posts. So today I decided to stay in (actually, it wasn’t my choice – a massive headache came to visit me) and take some random photos of my home.

    Teiseks tahan teiega jagada aga pilte kahest VÕRRATUST raamatust, mis minuni on jõudnud. Esimene neist on totaalne moepiibel – enam kui 500 lehekülge paks raamat, mis sisaldab endas 150 aastat moeajalugu, põhjalikku infot disainerite kohta ning ülevaadet ka moeajakirjandusest ja selle juhtfiguuridest. Raamatu kinkis mulle jõuludeks minu ema ja ma olen talle selle eest ikka tohutult tänulik. Kui kellelgi huvi osta, siis see konkreetne eksemplar pärineb Soomest, aga seda on tõenäoliselt võimalik ka Amazonist ja mujalt tellida.

    I also wanted to share some pictures of these two amazing books that I have. First one is basically a fashion bible that contains 150 years of fashion history, conclusive information about different designers and an overview of fashion journalism and the key people working in that industry. This book is more than a 500 pages, so it’s pretty heavy, but it is one of the best fashion books I’ve ever seen/read. I got it as a Christmas present, but I’m pretty sure you can order it online (try Amazon for example).

    Teine raamat on aga veel paksem (enam kui 600 lehekülge) ning tegemist on siis põhimõtteliselt fotoajalooga New Yorgist. Lisatud on ka igat ajaperioodi tutvustavad tekstid, kuulsad New Yorgi kohta käivad tsitaadid ning vastavatele ajastutele omaste ja New Yorgist rääkivate filmide postrite pildid. Ütleme nii, et need kaks raamatut seisavad hetkel minu kodus aukohal ning kummagi uurimisest tõenäoliselt iialgi villand ei saa. On ju siiski tegemist minu kahe suure armastusega – moe ja New Yorgiga. Viimane raamat pärineb Amazonist, kust ka teil, kes te sarnaselt minule selle linna järele hullud olete, seda võimalik tellida on.

    The other book is more than a 600 pages and is about New York City. Well, it’s actually a photographic history of the Big Apple. Besides A LOT of truly wonderful pictures it also contains a conclusive information about the history of New York. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and it really satisfies my constant longing for New York. I ordered it from Amazon.