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I decided to do something different today and share 22 random facts about myself with you guys. Check them out! And here’s a random unpublished photo to accompany these random facts:


1. I’m a Scorpio. And I truly am. The sentence “Scorpio is the one sign who can give you sensitivity, moodiness, dominance, stubborness, advice, laughter, harshness, love… And a headache, all in a matter of minutes.” is so damn true!

2. My sense of humour is as sarcastic as it can get.

3. My favourite city in the whole wide world is New York. I have been there only once, in 2009, but I do have an eternal love for that city.

4. My favourite place in Estonia is the island of Vormsi. I spent all of my childhood summers there with my grandma and I wouldn’t trade this experience or these memories for anything else. And I now believe that the simplicity and purity of nature taught me how to appreciate little things in life.

5. Cats. It’s all about the cats! You know the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons? Well, that’s probably going to be me in like 20 years. If I could, I’d adopt aaaaalll the cats in the world. And huskies.


6. I’m truly, truly, TRULY afraid of two things: snakes and flying. Also, while we’re at it, I’d personally like to thank the person who decided to take both of my biggest fears and TURN THEM INTO A MOVIE! (Snakes on the plane)

7. I’d never be able to get a professional pedicure done, because I’m so darn afraid of tickling. I mean, just try to go anywhere near my feet and I’ll hit you. And I’m not kidding.

8. My life is full of spontaneous decisions, but otherwise I’m extremely organized. As in OCD organized – I can’t stand it when there’s any disorder in my life! My books and clothes are all theme and color-coordinated, I keep my house very neat and organized, every single thing on my agenda is correctly written into my daily planner (which, by the way, I design/draw myself), my mailbox is extremely clean as I never leave any e-mails unread and have specific folders for all types of e-mails (I get very, very frustrated when the workload gets so heavy that I can’t keep my mailbox clean), I create tons of to-do lists, my photos are all very organized and put into separate folders and so on. I also can’t stand it when I have “unread notifications”.

9. I have never been a fan of vegetables. It has taken me a lot of time and effort to get used to eating them and I still can’t stand so many of them. The easiest way for me to get my vitamins is to throw all the vegetables into a blender and turn them into a smoothie. But I keep trying and I can definitely say that it gets better by the year!

10. I’m a very passionate and focused person and if I decide to do something, I do it with great passion.

11. I used to play drums for five years. And I still regret quitting it.


12. My blonde hair colour is my natural hair colour. I have never dyed my hair nor am I planning on doing it.

13. Probably the most unknown fact is that I’m a complete crossword puzzle junkie. I can easily spend my entire day doing only crossword puzzles and nothing else, and I have been doing it since I was about 10.

14. I don’t like sweets. I really don’t. Sure, I eat some chocolate every now and then, but I always prefer salty snacks. I could eat chips and popcorn all day every day and never even think about “having something sweet”. Although, one thing that I do really like is popsicles, but hey, they aren’t really that sweet. Oh and I don’t like cakes at all. AT ALL!

15. I read a lot. Right now I’m reading Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” and my all-time favourite book is Henri Charriere’s “Papillon”.

16. I absolutely hate horror movies.

17. My favourite season is Autumn and I love everything about it!

18. I will never get tired of Friends (the TV show). I think I’ve watched the entire show from beginning to the end approximately 30 times. This is the exact reason why my boyfriend likes to tease me about it, because whenever they’re showing Friends on TV, I tend to start quoting every single sentence that is being said in this particular episode. And I have no problem telling which exact episode they’re showing just by hearing one or two sentences. Talk about being a fan..

19. I have moved A LOT in my life. Right now I’m living in my 13th home. That’s not okay. :D

20. One of my greatest passions in life is music. I grew up listening to classical music and I’m very thankful to my parents for taking me to opera theatres and symphony orchestra concerts when I was little. It really is an eye-opener for a young kid. Nonetheless, I was five when I discovered RnB music (Toni Braxton!) and fourteen when I discovered hip hop (Cypress Hill!) and I have been true to these two genres ever since. I do, of course, listen to other stuff as well, but I’ll always love these two genres the most.

21. My family is my rock. We’ve been through a lot, but it has all made us even stronger. I love them to death and I feel really blessed and happy that I have such a great family! FYI, I have two sisters.

22. I always, ALWAYS have my nails painted, because I feel naked when they’re not.

So that’s about it for now! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, leave a comment! ♥


  • sandrelle.net

    Ja minu lemmikfakt oli hoopis seotud nende e-mailidega. Või üldse notificationitega. Mind lihtsalt nii ahistab, kui postkastis on 20498654 lugemata kirja – isegi kui ma tean, et see on spam. Just eile panin Bloglovinis kõikidele postitustele “Mark as read”, sest mind häirisid need notificationid seal ja ma olen need tegelikult juba teiste kanalite kaudu ammu ära lugenud. :D

    Ma olen isegi enda boyfriendil mingeid kaustu tühjendanud, sest ma millegipärast tunnen, et lugemata spam võib teda ka ahistada ja teed elu palju lillelisemaks. Aga tegelikult on tal siiralt ükstapuha nendest lugemata spamidest… :D Hahaa, sattusin äratundmisrõõmust ekstaasi nüüd! :D

    Ja suur magusasõber ma kaa ei ole! Naljatan kogu aeg sõpradele, et kinkige mulle parem pakk krõpse, kui shoksi. Millegipärast pole keegi veel kaasa läinud sellega. :( :D

  • Britta

    Haha, ma teen sama! Et kukun teiste inimeste asju organiseerima ja sorteerima. Ei ole tõesti kindel, kui õnnelikud teised selle üle on. :D

  • eli

    Uskumatu et selline päris blond, naen palju vaeva, et end natukegi heledamaks saada (kahjustusteta).
    Kuid kas sa oma soengut sa ka kunagi ei muuda? Pole nainud, et isegi kinniselt juuksed oleks

  • Britta

    Juuksevärviga on mul jah vedanud, sest tean, kui paljud sellega hirmsasti vaeva näevad. Aga mis puutub soengusse, siis selle muutmiseks ma vajadust ei näe – mulle sobib kõige paremini see, kui on tukk (mis on olnud mul nii päris tuka kujul kui ka siis küljetukana, mille pikkus on mul alatasa erinev) ning ülejäänut ei annagi väga muuta. :)
    Ja mis puudutab kinniseid juukseid, siis selliste soengutega käin küll väga tihti ning blogiski on palju selliseid postitusi, kus juuksed kinni. Enamasti on nad kas hobusesabas või krunnis, paar näidet siin:

  • Liina

    Issand miks ma selle postituse alles nüüd avastasin?! Sünnipäevaks siis tordi asemel burks Sulle (: Ja kui notificationite häirimisele ma pole kunagi teadlikult mõelnud, siis nüüd avastasin, et ma ei kannata kui rämpsposti kausta ees teated on :D

  • Britta

    Mu klassijuhataja mängis trumme, nii et hakkasin tema trummitundides käima. Aastaid hiljem käisin vahelduva eduga ka erinevate eraõpetajate juures. :)

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