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H&M’s new beauty line is amazing! We were invited to the showroom on Friday and got to try some of these products. So far I can say that the lip stain/lip vinyls and eye pencils and shadows are all cray-mazing. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to try everything, but I’m pretty sure that most of these products are very good, so here’s hoping that they’ll be launched soon! I’ve been using H&M’s beauty products for years and I must admit that they have never looked as good as they do now, with the new design and all.

And then there’s the H&M Studio A/W15 collection. I love, love, love the colours, the faux-fur and the embellishments! My new favourite jacket (which you can see on the photos below) is also from this collection and I’m more than sure that it will be one of the key items in my fall wardrobe.

H&M Studio will hit the stores on September 10th.

Beauty Beauty1 Beauty2 Beauty3 Beauty4 Beauty5 Beauty6 Beauty7 Beauty8 Beauty9 Beauty10 Beauty11 Beauty12 Beauty13 Beauty14

Wearing: jacket, top – H&M Studio / hat – Vila / boots – ASOS / shorts – H&M

Photos: me and Johanna Eenma


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