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My blog turned 9 today. Friggin NINE!! How crazy is this?! It doesn’t really feel like it has been almost a decade since I first started blogging, but then again, if I think about how much I myself have changed since 2006, it feels like it was a hundred years ago.

So why did I start blogging? Well, mainly because I needed to express myself and writing had always been a passion of mine. It was all very personal at first – I had a tiny blog on Blogspot (with a green background) and all the blog posts were about my everyday life (I even shared some details about the relationship with my then-boyfriend), but as I was very much interested in fashion I slowly started to blog more and more about fashion (I remember writing about Victoria Beckham a lot, because I used to be really obsessed with her style back then). As the years went by, my blog turned into a perfect platform to express myself and when life got crazy it was always by my side, it was always there. And it all got so much bigger when I moved away from Blogspot and launched my very own website (I think it was in 2010). Even though my blog has always been mostly about fashion, it is still very personal and it has witnessed a lot – four long and wonderful relationships, two attempts to get a bachelor’s degree, my first steps into the fashion industry and building a career for myself, all the changes that our family has been through, one extremely horrible haircut and some very questionable outfit choices (a jacket covered in polka dots, really?!), countless amount of hours spent dreaming about New York (and that one crazy month that I actually spent in the U.S.), all the ups and downs in my life, and my journey from the age of 18 to the current one. I was such a baby when I started blogging and it’s funny to see how I’ve changed – documenting all these years is an amazing way to see yourself grow. My style of blogging has changed as well – I used to write A LOT, but now I like to let the photos do the talking.

There have been wonderful collaborations, projects and even jobs that my blog has lead me to and it has therefore played such an important part in my career. And all the readers! All the wonderful e-mails and comments you have written within these past 9 years.. they really, really, really do mean a lot! I keep all these e-mails in a special folder and every now and then read them all over again. :) So I encourage you to always share your thoughts, because there’s nothing like connecting with your readers, whether it’s in the comments section or via e-mail. And I’d especially like to thank the ones who have walked up to me on the street and told me that they read my blog – you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

PS! If anyone here has been a reader since the early days of my blog, let me know in the comments.

PPS! I’m planning on sharing some stories and behind the scenes material with you guys in the upcoming days, so stay tuned!

And here’s to the next 9 years! ♥


  • Kristi

    ma nüüd päris üheksa aastat ei ole vist su blogi lugenud, aga kaheksa kindlasti. :D

    sellest on muidugi kahju, et mida rohkem blogisse iseennast sisse panna, seda ägedam üks blogi on, ja mida rohkem ägedale blogile lugejaid tekib, seda vähem tahab ja julgeb ennast sinna panna (ma jätsin sellepärast blogimise enam-vähem maha nt, enam nagu ei sobi internetis isiklikku elu lahata nagu 18-aastasena, aga teistmoodi ei oska ka)… see ei tähenda, et su blogi enam äge ei oleks – ongi lihtsalt kasvanud koos sinuga (ja väga tubliks!).

  • Britta

    Ohoo, väga eeskujulikult lojaalne lugeja! :)
    Ma olen täitsa nõus su kommentaariga ka, kuigi õnneks pole oma elu lahkamine ainus viis, kuidas end oma blogiga siduda saab. Igatahes suur aitäh toredate sõnade eest ja loodetavasti kohtab sind siin ka järgmised 9 aastat! ♥

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