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There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as the purity and freshness of nature, so whenever I have the chance, I get the hell out of the city and let the roads take me wherever they may lead. I am and always have been a true nature girl and there’s nothing else that gives me as much energy as spending some time in the nature.

This weekend we decided to visit Viinistu and Käsmu and even though I hadn’t been there in a while, it’s still one of my favourite areas in Estonia. We wandered in an endless and fairy tale-esque forest, ate some super good smoked fish and walked down the beautiful streets of these lovely villages. Saturday well spent!

Käsmu1 Käsmu2 Käsmu3 Käsmu4 Käsmu5 Käsmu6

Wearing: bag, t-shirt – Monki / cardigan, sunglasses, shorts – H&M

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