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Swiss beats

Here are a few more pictures from my trip to Geneva, Switzerland. It was so warm there and I finally had the chance to wear this leopard coat I bought from ASOS in january. It’s most definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made because it’s sooo comfortable, warm and, well, it looks good!

Beautiful Geneva:


  • Liis T

    Nii kaunid pildid, Britta!
    Kas te Four Seasons’i ees Aston Martineid ja Ferrarisid ka nägite?
    See oli mul põhi atraktsioon Genfis kui eelmine kord käisin :)

  • Britta

    Haha, jaa, ikka. Aga pärast Miamisid ja asju ei ole enam miski väga üllatav selles suhtes. :D
    Suur aitäh sulle ka! :)

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