The arctic north

Estonia used to be a part of the Soviet Union and now we seem to be a part of the arctic north – the weather here has reached the extreme levels of cold and the amount of snow that covers the ground is actually unmeasurable. The only thing that separates Estonia from the North Pole is the fact that we don’t have reindeers prancing around and the sad howling of the wolves is replaced with the engine roars of the snow ploughs slowly making their way thru the city. Don’t get me wrong – I love snow and the Christmas feeling that comes with the first snowflakes that hit the ground (hey, it’s my choice to live here in Northern Europe where we have four seasons not one everlasting summer), but I’m not the biggest fan of this extremely cold wind. Well, all you can really do about it is to invest a lot of money in warm clothing, layer four cardigans on top of each other and make sure you don’t lose your ears to the cold weather. I for example found a pair of boots that keep my feet warm and dry. They look kind of androgyne, but I can still wear them with basically everything. They are really comfortable and actually manage to keep me from falling down (the icy ground is too slippery to be true). Anyway. Here are some pictures where you can see me wearing them.

Boots – Esprit; jeggings – Vero Moda; knit – Zara; top – Bershka; purse – ASOS; earrings – Fankadelik


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