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You need a little bit of insanity to do great things

So here’s what I did this weekend. We went to a wedding on Saturday and as it took place in Southern Estonia, we decided to spend the next two days exploring the south. One of my favourite things to do is just to drive around and discover new places – luckily, my boyfriend is just as curious as I am, so we go on these road trips quite often. So this time we started from the south, spent the night in the east, and explored the hell outta both of these parts of Estonia. It was actually the first time I really took time off and rested this summer (yes, walking 10 000 steps a day does count as resting), so it was definitely one of my favourite weekends so far. Also, waking up next to a lake on a Monday morning and being far, far away from your computer is the best thing you can do to yourself!

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Wearing: hat – Vila / watch – Daniel Wellington / dress, sneakers, cardigan – H&M


  • Piia

    Imeilusad ja nii armsad pildid! Imetlesin juba Facebookis ja Instagramis neid, aga pean ikka siia ka kirjutama! Lähen ise ka augusti lõpus kaheks päevaks Lõuna-Eestisse ja kaheks Ida-Virumaale ning ei jaksa ära oodata, et kuskil metsade-järvede vahel olla!

  • Britta

    Piia – mine kindlasti sinna Hinni kanjonisse, eriti ilus koht!
    Õnne – aitäh, aitäh, aitäh! :)

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